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MDHC Medical Life Science Consumables

To be your most reliable medical consumables manufacturer, MDHC Medical supplies pipette tips/serological pipettes/ PCR tubes/Deep well plates/Centrifuge Tube etc.

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Pipette Tips
MDHC pipette tips are made of 100% polypropylene raw material in a fully automatic purified roon, with good transparency and high flexibility.
Serological Pipette
MDHC provides 1ML, 2ML, 5ML, 10ML, 25ML, 50ML, 100ML spec, corresponding to 6 distinguishing colors in ascending and descending order.
MDHC offers 2 types of the cryovials, 3D barcode cryovials and regular freezing tubes, samples are available, welcome for your enquiry!
PCR Tube
MDHC PCR tubes are suitable for most PCR instruments, ultra-transparent row caps, uniform wall thickness for real-time PCR test.
PCR Plate
MDHC 96 well PCR plate without skirt is suitable for most PCR machines or qPCR machines. Half skirt: suitable for labels or application barcodes and automated applications, with good pipetting stability; Full skirt: suitable for automated experimental applications, and labels or application barcodes and automated applications.
Centrifuge Tube
MDHC centrifuge tube is made of high-quality transparent polymer material polypropylene, which is widely used in various experimental operations and meets the requirements of biological analysis grade. It can be used in microbiology, tissue culture, molecular biology, genetics, and drug development.
Deep Well Plate
Our 96-deep well plate is made of imported high-purity polypropylene (pp) raw materials, with V-bottom, no leakage and low residue, high permeability, and visibility, easy-to-observe liquid, and no thimble design, better flatness, and central intelligent operation area. Click to view more.
Sample Collection Kits
The Sample Collection Kits are used for monitoring and sampling of infectious pathogenic microorganisms. MDHC sample Collection kits consist of three parts: swab + sampling tube + virus preservation solution. Made of imported medical grade PP pipe body, stable and high-temperature resistance.
Cell Culture
MDHC cell culture product line consists of petri dish/ cell culture flask/ cell culture plate/ cell culture slide, they are of high transparency, made of polystyrene, anti-pollution, easy to distinguish with coding, and identification, no pyrogen, no endotoxin, irradiation sterilization, electron beam sterilization.
Automated workstations are increasingly used among laboratories to improve performance and productivity. Automating many of the experimental procedures once done by scientists can help increase reproducibility and throughput. The controlled robotic movement helps minimize any variation in manual techniques from different personnel.
Hot Products MDHC Medical Highly Recommended Products
Safe Material

Medical grade cold-resistant PP, meets USP class-6 standard

High-End Equipment

Imported 2color injection molding machine, fully automated production line

Temperature Tolerance

-196℃-121℃,safe storage under liquid nitrogen phase conditions

Coding Process

Laser etching of international standard DATAMATRIX two-dimensional code, resistant to alcohol, DMSO and other organic solvents, anti-wear and does not fall off


PCR 0.2ml Thin Wall With Flat Cap, Strip of 8 Tubes, DNase/RNase Free.

Ultra-thin pipe wall

Super fast conduction of temperature. Commonly used in general and real-time PCR amplifiers in the market.

Good transparency

Mirror surface design of the PCR tube cap. Fully considered the optical factor, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the experimental results.

Well sealed

Excellent sealing performance of the pipe cap. Easy to open and close. 

High Accuracy

Low retention technology minimizes liquid residue. Due to the exquisite workmanship, there's no air leakage or suck-back.

Easy to Use

Soft and flexible material for easy tip loading &ejection, the smooth inner surface can prevent leakage and residues.

Convenient & Sterile

Allows direct loading into pipettor without hand touch, higher sterility and efficiency as well as a relief for repeated acts.

Wildely Application

Compatible with most brands such as Gilson, Eppendorf, Biohit, Brand, Thermo, Labsystems, etc.4ES pipettor matches for 100%.

Application MDHC Medical Life Science Consumables in Different Areas
As one of the specialized lab consumables suppliers, MDHC products are widely used in the liquid handling/PCR test/nucleic acid extraction/cell culture etc.
Liquid Handling
  • MDHC offers a wide range of liquid handling solutions

  • Imported Medical Grade PP Material 

  • Accurate and Precise

  • Fast and Efficient 

  • Certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA&PCR Inhibitors

  • Fast PCR

  • Real-time PCR

Nucleic Acid Extraction
  • MDHC Nucleic Acid Extraction series provides a comprehensive selection of deep well plate and tip combs

  • Certified free from detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitors.

  • UV transparent.

Cell Culture
  • MDHC Cell Culture products are validated across multiple cell lines and applications

  • Hydrophilic Surface Treatment System

  • Electron Beam Sterilization

Sample Collecting
  • MDHC offers safety and disposal considerations in sample collection

  • Certified free from detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitors

Automatic Workstation
  • Help increase reproducibility and throughput

  • Can be further customized to suit a particular application

OUR COMPANY MDHC Medical—Your Reliable Partner and Laboratory & Clinical Consumables Supplier

MDHC Life Technologies Co., Ltd. is a life sciences company, committed to being the trustful and superior partner of both laboratory and clinical diagnostic professionals. MDHC Medical-a well-known supplier of medical laboratory consumables, we work continually to assure our products meet your stringent criteria and highest-standard demand for accurate and precise test results. 

We encourage and welcome you to visit and inspect our facilities.

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