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MDHC Auto Workstation

MDHC automated laboratory workstations allow for high throughput, and walk-away processing of specific applications such as cellbased assays, ELISA, PCR, cell culture, and NGS. Automation of these multi-step processes allows for greater precision and consistency while freeing laboratory staff from repetitive procedures.

Different Auto Workstations for Your Selection

Sample Transfer Process System

The MD-800 is a high-throughput automated sample transfer processing system that integrates tube decapping, tube recapping, barcode identification, automated liquid transfer and negative pressure prot...

Fully Automatic Sample Process System

MDHC Fully Automatic Sample Process System is designed to free you from tedious mechanical operations. This fully automated, high-throughput instrument can process 96 samples within 20min, including s...

Nucleic Acid Extractor

MDHC Nucleic Acid Extractor is an automated system for purifying DNA, RNA, proteins and cells from a variety of sample materials, such as blood, cells and tissue samples. The Auto-Pure purification te...

Advantages of MDHC Workstation

Advantages of MDHC Workstation
  • MDHC automatic workstation saves sample & reagent.

  • Exceptional liquid level detection and dead volume reduction to conserve samples and reagents.

  • Fantastic low volume pipetting.

  • Compatible with plate formats up to 1,536 wells to meet minimization goals.

  • Great for saving precious samples, reagents, and costs.

Workstation Possible Uses

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