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Use Disposable Consumables for PCR

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technology for exponential amplification of a fragment of DNA. PCR Tube and Plate are medical laboratory consumables used in the PCR test process.

The Use of PCR Test Consumables

MDHC PCR tube is designed relatively thin to optimally conduct heat to the reaction solution.

The tight sealing between the tube body and its cap ensures minimal evaporation and prevents sample leakages. The cap is provided in 2 different forms, flat and dome. A flat type is useful when labeling is required, while the dome type prevents the reaction solution from binding to the cap surface.

Why choose MDHC as your PCR consumables manufacturer

MDHC PCR tube & plate are made of high-quality virgin polypropylene and feature uniform thin walls for efficient heat transfer. Tubes and caps are compatible with most leading thermal cyclers, and are autoclavable. Caps, available as either flat or domed, fit perfectly and create a uniform, tight seal that prevents sample evaporation in the thermal cycler. Tubes are nonpyrogenic and RNase- and DNase-free. Certain models feature assorted packs of color-coded tubes for easy identification of samples. Buy PCR plastic consumables at factory price from MDHC-a professional pcr consumables manufacturer.

  • Ultra-thin wall design (only 0.2mm thick) for optimal temperature transfer

  • Ultra-clear wells for easy sample visualization

  • Compatibility across a broad range of thermal cyclers

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