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MDHC Life Technologies (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
MDHC Life Technologies (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

MDHC Disposable Medical & Lab Consumables

MDHC Disposable Medical & Lab Consumables

Medical Laboratory Consumables And Disposable Diagnostic Consumables

MDHC Medical engaged in the development of life sciences, bioengineering technology and laboratory plastic consumables, technical consulting services, transfer of plastic technological achievements and sales of medical equipment (Class 1) products. 

Production and sales of various high-precision tips from our pipette tips factory, 96 square-well plates (1.0mL, 1.6 ml and 2.2ml), 96 round-well plates (1.0mL and 2.0mL), various types of centrifuge tube extraction columns etc. , 

The products are mainly sold to colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and key laboratories and related analysis and inspection departments, professional inspection and inspection companies, and sales companies at home and abroad.

The company's team members have rich experience in domestic and foreign production, sales, mold manufacturing, and comprehensive management, and can formulate the development goals and ideas of the company according to market needs and customer requirements. Its subordinate 30,000-square-meter production site adopts a unique design, installed and decorated a cooling system and a 100,000-level dust-free workshop. It mainly produces bioengineering, life science and biotechnology research. 

The 100,000-level dust-free workshop complies with the YY0033-2000 Standard for the Production and Management of Sterile Medical Devices and Appliances; it has passed the ISO13485:2003 ISO9001quality system demonstration and product CE certification.

List Of Disposable Medical Laboratory Consumables

As one of the trustworthy medical laboratory consumables suppliers,  MDHC Medical has a comprehensive laboratory consumables list, medical laboratory consumables, diagnostic consumables and research consumables.

Find out how to accelerate clinical pipelines, increase drug manufacturing efficiency, and reduce costs with our bioprocess solutions.

Why Choose MDHC Medical?

A Trusted Partner for the Medical & Laboratories Diagnostic and Research.

Why Choose MDHC Medical?
Our Quality, Your Brand
Helping Accurate and Efficient Detection

We know that the quality management system is the foundation of high-quality products, and MDHC has approved ISO9001 & ISO13485, also we have approved FDA online audit. 

From raw materials to life science consumables, we have strict QC standards.

  • Modern 100,000-level clean production environment

  • Professional R&D team

  • 7/24 customer service

One-stop MDHC Medical Laboratory Consumables

One-stop MDHC Medical Laboratory Consumables

With customized solutions for your application area, MDHC provides everything you need for success in the Life Science Testing Applied Industries;

Move your research forward with our Life Science portfolio and exceed your goals for reliability, reproducibility, and rapid results;

Accelerate your time-to-market and reduce costs with single-use production platforms from MDHC Manufacturing;

Trust in our field-proven products developed according to your stringent Quality Control and Testing requirements;

Equip your lab with the newest innovations to lead the way in liquid Handling/PCR/Nucleic Acid Extraction/Cell Culture/Sample Collecting applications.

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