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MDHC Sample Collection Kit

MDHC Sample Collection Kit offers a complete line of solutions for sample collection or for transferring small volumes of fluids to storage.

  • Rapid preservation of viral nucleic acids.

  • Ensure the stability and integrity of nucleic acids.

Various Sample Collection Kits for Your Selection

VTM Tube

MDHC VTM tube with large media fill volume allows for multiple tests on the same specimen. small volume prevents sample dilution.

Sample Swab

MDHC Swab Compared with the traditional twisted swab, MDHC ''flocking swab'' is to glue a large number of tiny nylon fibers to the top of a plastic rod, the efficiency of sample collection and release is 3 times higher than the traditional.

Advantages of MDHC VTM Tube

Advantages of MDHC VTM Tube

Light red media formation contains antibiotics that can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and fungi.

Advantages of MDHC Sample Swab

Advantages of MDHC Sample Swab

The disposable sampling swab uses advanced jet implanted nylon fuzz technology. Compared with conventional fiber swabs, the sample is easily penetrated, diluted, and trapped in the fiber. The nylon flocking swab has outstanding sample collection and release capability, and the release rate can reach 90%, which is much higher than that of the conventional fiber swab.

Sample Collection Kits Possible Uses

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