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Use Disposable Consumables for Nucleic Acid Extraction

The Deep Well Plate and tip combs are the consumables used in the Nucleic Acid Extraction process.

The Use of Nucleic Acid Extraction products

MDHC offers a wide range of Lab plates and seals for Nucleic Acid Extraction workflows. 96 and 384 well plates are available in different good sizes, well shapes, and well bottom shapes to meet all your possible application needs.

Choosing the right multiwell plate can help you avoid issues such as missing data points, duplicate runs of samples, and missed project deadlines. 

The Advantage of MDHC Nucleic Acid Extraction products

Store at a low temperature up to -70℃

Packed with specialized plastic packaging for safe delivery and storage

Sterilized with radiation

Packed separately plate-by-plate to be conveniently used with the lowered risk of contamination

Clear labeling of wells from A-H (vertical) & 1-12 (horizontal)

Designed to easily stack together for a convenient storage

Has wells with V-shaped bottom for easier pipetting

Has high heat and chemical resistance

Manufactured with high-quality polystyrene

As a professional deep well plate manufacturer, MDHC provides a comprehensive selection of deep well plate and tip combs.

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