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Pipette Tips: The Key to Precise Liquid Transfer

In the laboratory, pipette tips are disposable plastic tips used for the accurate and precise dispensing of liquids. They come in various materials and styles. Popular pipette tips include universal pipette tips, filter tips, and low-retention tips. The pipette tips function essentially for any scientific laboratory, serving applications in various life sciences, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and molecular biology. Given their diverse applications in different research fields, regulatory bodies worldwide have established certain quality standards for quality assurance purposes. Today, let's delve into the pipette tips function and selection criteria.

Basic Types

Universal Tips: These multifunctional tips are suitable for many laboratory applications. They meet performance requirements ranging from high accuracy to greater tolerance in reagent dispensing. Universal tips can be used with most brands of pipettes.

Sterile Filter Tips: When detection methods are sensitive to cross-contamination, or when samples could contaminate the lower part of the pipette, filter tips are suitable. The filter prevents liquids from accidentally splashing into the pipette and reduces aerosol penetration to the tip cone during pipetting. Filter tips are recommended for low-volume applications such as genetic research, forensics, PCR, and radioactive isotope sampling.

Usage Methods and Precautions

Pre-wet: Pre-wet the tip 2-3 times in the liquid to ensure the accuracy and precision of the pipetting.

During Aspiration: Keep the pipette vertical and immerse the tip as shallowly as possible, adjusting flexibly according to the container's size.

During Dispensing: Rest the tip against the inner wall of the container at an angle of 20°-45°.

Maintenance and Care

Regular Maintenance: Clean the tips at least every 3 months and check for dust and dirt.

Cleaning and Disinfection: Clean the tips with soapy water, detergent, or isopropanol, and then disinfect them.

In the pursuit of scientific accuracy, as a supplier of pipette tips, MDHC's pipette tips function is various, and its research and innovation always lead the industry. We understand that the success of every experiment relies on strict attention to detail. Therefore, we have dedicated our efforts to create these high-quality pipette tips, providing the strongest support for your experiments. We understand the importance of the pipette tips function in experiments, so we continuously optimize the design to ensure that the tips can accurately control the amount of liquid during pipetting, reducing errors. This allows you to conduct your experiments more effortlessly, achieving twice the result with half the effort.

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