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MDHC Cell Culture Consumables

Your premier source for top-tier cell culture consumables and supplies.

Cell culture ware is a very versatile tool in the investigation of basic scientific and translation research questions. The advantage of using cell culture consumables in scientific research is their homogeneity and associated reproducibility in data generated.

MDHC Cell Culture series contains Cell Culture Flask, Cell Culture Dishes, Cell Culture Plate, Cell Culture Slide.

Various Cell Culture Consumables for Your Selection

Cell Culture Flask

MDHC cell culture flasks are made of high-quality, clear, non-regenerated polyethylene with a high level of sterility, ideal for non-adherent cell culture in suspension. Available in the following sizes: T25, T75, T175 Wide mouth, angled neck for easy access to a full growing surface 1/3 corner open filter cover, allowing one-handed operation Comes with a white cap for easy identification Cell Culture Dishes

Petri Dish

MDHC provides a large range (35mm to 150 mm) of petri Dishes for various laboratory purpose. All petri Dishes are made with high quality polystyrene. Double packaging with 100SPL Life Sciences provides a large range (35mm to 150 mm) of petri Dishes for various laboratory purpose. All petri Dishes are made with high quality polystyrene. Cell Culture Plate

Cell Culture Plate

MDHC Cell Culture Plate Flat bottom and stackable, raised hole edges reduce risk of cross-contamination Sterilized by gamma irradiation, certified pyrogen-free, excellent visibility

Microscope Slide

MDHC Cell Culture Slide are designed for various cell-based experiments and are also useful for virus, toxicity tests and immunocytological experiments. Cell Culture Slides provide removable chamber that enables cell growth directly on the microscopic slide, convenient for staining and microscopic examination without cell transfer. Chambers with various well numbers and colors are available for different applications. With new additions of novel culture surfaces DLux & FLux, more potential with greater diversity have been given to the Cell Culture Slides
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Microscope Slide

Advantages of MDHC Cell Culture Products

Advantages of MDHC Cell Culture Products
  • MDHC cell culture croducts are designed to facilitate easy handling.

  • A Short & wide neck with an angled design allows easy access.

  • Excellent stackability.

  • Non-pyrogenic, Non-cytotoxic, DNase / RNase-free, Human DNA-free.

Cell Culture Products Possible Uses

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