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MDHC Cryogenic Tube

Numerous biological sample banks have been established successively in university laboratories, hospital sample banks, scientific research and testing centers. In order to adapt to the safe and orderly and digital management of the sample library, eliminate the errors caused by human identification of the tube body, and improve the work efficiency, MDHC cryogenic tube with the two-dimensional code digital identification is your ideal choice.

Various Serological Pipettes for Your Selection

SBS 2D Cryovials

MDHC SBS standard 2D cryovials are coded by standard matrix QR code, and are matched with board health equipment that conforms to ANSI/SLAS industry standards, matched with SBS standard board health storage tube equipment used in international laboratories (such as automated workstations, automated refrigerators, etc. ).

Plastic Cryovials

MDHC Plastic Freezing Tube is made of polymer material and manufactured by special process, so that it can stand ultra-low temperature and ensure 100% leakproof. It is suitable for long-term cryogenic refrigeration of cells and tissues.

Advantages of MDHC Cryogenic Tube

Advantages of MDHC Cryogenic Tube

2D: Laser etching of international standard DATAMATRIX two-dimensional code, resistant to alcohol, DMSO and other organic solvents, anti-wear and does not fall off

MDHC Cryogenic Tubes are available in 2 difference types, SBS and regular. These medical laboratory consumables are found in different packing ways, which are bag packing & rack packing, we accept OEM and ODM service, welcome to send us your request.

Plastic Cryovials:

100% leakproof with built-in O-ring

Two-color Injection Molding in One Molding Technology

According to different requirements, it is divided into ordinary grade and PCR grade. PCR grade products DNase/RNase Free

Cryogenic Tube Possible Uses

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