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What is the proper way to use MDHC serological pipette?

MDHC serological pipette is actually a kind of measuring instrument, which is mainly used to measure the volume of the solution. It is convenient and simple to use, and the measurement effect is more accurate. But the use of the liquid tube should also pay attention to, only the correct method to achieve the effect is better, so the following is a specific introduction to you, how to use the pipette correctly, and the problems that need to be paid attention to.

1. Before use: use the serological pipette, first look at the pipette mark, accuracy level, scale mark position, etc.

2. Suction: pinch the upper end of the pipette with the thumb and middle finger of the right hand, and insert the lower mouth of the tube into the solution to be absorbed. The insertion should not be too shallow or too deep, generally 10~20mm, too shallow will produce suction, the solution will be sucked into the ear ball to stain the solution, and too deep will be attached to too much solution outside the tube. Take the ear washing ball in the left hand, connect it to the upper mouth of the tube and slowly instill the solution. First, instill about 1/3 of the capacity of the tube, press the mouth of the tube with the index finger of the right hand, take it out, hold it horizontally, and turn the tube to make the solution contact the part above the scale to replace the water on the inner wall, and then release the solution from the lower mouth of the tube and discard it. After repeated washing for 3 times, the solution can be sucked to about 5mm above the scale, and immediately the index finger of the right hand is used to press the mouth of the tube.

3. Adjust the liquid level: lift the pipette up from the liquid level, wipe the liquid on the outer wall of the pipette with filter paper, and keep the end of the tube vertical against the inner wall of the solution container. Relax the index finger to make the solution in the tube slowly flow out from the lower mouth until the bottom of the meniscus surface of the solution is tangent to the mark line. Immediately press the mouth with the index finger. Remove the droplet against the wall, remove it from the pipette, and insert it into the vessel carrying the solution.

4. To release a solution: if the vessel to accept the solution is a conical bottle, the conical bottle should be tilted 30°, the disposable pipette should be kept vertical, the lower end of the tube is close to the inner wall of the conical bottle, loosen the index finger, and let the solution slowly flow along the wall of the bottle. When the liquid level drops to the drain head, the tube contacts the inner wall of the bottle for about 15 seconds, and then remove the pipette, and the small amount of solution remaining at the end of the tube should not be forced to flow out. The volume of the solution retained at the end has been taken into account because of the finer time.

MDHC serological pipette series include 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml serological pipettes. The serological pipette series are made of high clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene and sterilized by E-beam, which provides high-quality lab experiment experience.

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