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What are PCR Tubes?

Ⅰ. An introduction to PCR tubes

PCR tubes are common as life science consumables in biological experiments and various PCR and real-time PCR experiments. The PCR tubes are made of USP-certified imported medical-grade high-transparency polypropylene as the raw material, and the surface is smooth to ensure high efficiency and uniformity between samples. It can meet the requirements of accurate and efficient PCR reaction, and can be used in genetic testing, disease diagnosis, drug research and development and other fields.

An ordinary PCR tube ( PCR plastic consumables ) consists of a tube body and a cover body, that is, the tube body. And the cover bodies are connected together, and the cover bodies have hollow cylindrical protrusions. During PCR, the liquid at the bottom of the tube will evaporate to the top. If it is a flat cover, it is not easy to agglomerate, so it is a convex cover, which is convenient for the evaporated liquid to flow downward after condensing. The current PCR instruments are basically of the heated lid type. In the PCR lid, the top temperature is high and the bottom temperature is low. The liquid at the bottom does not easily evaporate to the top, so PCR tube flat caps are preferred.

Ⅱ. The advantages of PCR tubes and the selection of materials

Advantages of PCR tube design:

1. Good sealing: The unique design of PCR strip tubes, such as 0.1ml PCR tube, is suitable for quantitative PCR tube cover, which can effectively prevent sample evaporation.

2. Uniform wall thickness: The tube wall thickness of the PCR tube is uniform, and the heat conduction is effective and accurate.

3. With special design, the interlocking process of the tubes. And the evaporation rate of the tube cover is low, and the sealing performance is good.

4. Good adaptability: It cooperates well with the heat transfer tank of the PCR instrument, and the heat transfer of the PCR tube is convenient.

5. High temperature resistance: The PCR tube is made of polypropylene (PP) material and sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.

6. The high polishing precision technology increases the light transmittance of the tube cover, which is suitable for fluorescence quantitative PCR experiments.

7. The concave design of the cover plate can effectively prevent scratches and cross-contamination on the optical surface.

8. The pipeline of the PCR tube has high cleanliness and low adsorption.

Material of PCR tube: all made of high quality polymer material polypropylene (PP). Mold making and plastic molding processes are performed with high precision to ensure product quality and lot-to-lot consistency. Imported medical grade PP material, free of RNase, DNase, exogenous DNA/RNA, endotoxin and pyrogen. Easy to open and close the tube cover, easy to operate.

Ⅲ. PCR tubes used

Experiments can be repeated, as well as PCR tubes for various PCR and real-time PCR experiments. The adsorption of samples and reagents is extremely low, and the PCR tube ensures the high temperature resistance and accuracy of the reaction system. The production quality control of PCR tubes is relatively strict, which not only ensures the repeatability of experimental data, but also ensures stable performance. Autoclave (121℃), no enzyme, no pyrogen, white PCR8 connecting tube can effectively prevent signal interference, increase signal strength and improve experimental efficiency.

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