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What Are the Benefits of Using Cryovial Tubes?

Understanding Cryovial Tubes

Cryovial tubes are made of polypropylene material that can withstand high sterilization pressures. All polyethylene, including polypropylene, is referred to as polyolefin, a compact molecule of hydrocarbons. Its chemical composition is the same as polyethylene; however, each unit contains a connected methyl group. Its chemical makeup makes it non-contaminating, lighter than H2O, and non-toxic.

The above characteristics are why polyethylene is the best material for making cryogenic tubes. Cryovial tubes are designed for storing biological materials at shallow temperatures of around -196ºC, achieved through the use of liquid nitrogen in gas form. Most materials break down at such low temperatures, which is why polyethylene is the best material. The cryogenic tube includes white markers for identification. The tube and the cap have similar expansion coefficients, which makes them leak-proof at different temperatures.

The cap is also made of polyethylene and is modified for leak-proof quality with a silicone O-ring. You can install a color code on the cover for further identification. To achieve the standard quality of cryogenic tubes, they must be certified DNAse, RNAse, and endotoxin-free. Before starting cryogenic tubes, they are sterilized by gamma rays and packed in secure lock packaging containing 100 small bottles per bag.

Benefits of Using Cryovial Tubes

The benefits of using cryogenic tubes are endless compared to other forms of packaging, and the following are factors that you should not overlook when making your choice.

Certified small bottles: 

Each small bottle is certified to ensure that it does not contain any contaminants. Therefore, you can rest assured that your experiment or sample will not be contaminated.


Quality is the standard that everyone wants in any product they purchase. Authentic cryogenic tubes are made of unprocessed medical-grade materials. They don't contain cytotoxins, mutagens, heavy metals, BTSE/TSE, or any other contaminants. They are made and assembled in clean, sterilized rooms and packaged in tamper-evident packaging.


They have a thin design cover that fits better in racks (used for automated capping or decapping with star-shaped sockets). Each barcode printed on each small bottle makes data collection easier.


Cryovial tubes are life science consumables that are user-friendly with a white surface that is easy to write on and identify different samples. The embossed scale makes measurements easier and more accurate.

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