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7 tips for precise pipetting

MDHC serological pipette series include 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml serological pipettes. The serological pipette series are made of high clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene and sterilized by E-beam, which provides high-quality lab experiment experience.

For precise lab pipetting , here are 7 tips for using MDHC serological pipette:

1. pipette (pipette) can not remove too hot or too cold solution.

2. After the pipette is used, it should be rinsed with tap water and distilled water immediately and placed on the pipette rack.

3. The same pipette should be used as much as possible in the same experiment.

4. The pipette (pipette) should not be dried in the oven.

5. Pipette and volumetric flask are often used in conjunction, so the relative volume of the two is often calibrated before use.

6. There are old and new pipettes. The old pipe body is marked with the word "blow", and the residual liquid at the pipe mouth needs to be blown out with an ear-washing ball. The new type of no, do not blow out the pipe mouth residual, otherwise cause excessive amount of liquid.

7. In the use of the pipette, in order to reduce the measurement error, each time should be from the top scale (0 scale) as the starting point, down the required volume of solution, rather than as much volume to absorb the volume.

MDHC is your trusted pipette tips supplier, dedicated to providing precision and consistency in every drop. With a diverse range of products, including our OEM Robotic Tips and Universal Filter Tips, we cater to the needs of laboratories and research facilities worldwide.

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