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Application Principle of Cryogenic Tube

1. How to Use Cryogenic Tube?

The use of a cryogenic tube is a science, and it is not a simple trilogy of opening the tank, placing the cryogenic tube, and closing the tank. Scientific and correct use of cryogenic tube which is a kind of medical laboratory consumables can avoid the loss of samples and protect the safety of test personnel.


2. What is the Principle of Using Cryogenic Tube?

The so-called cryogenic tube of cells by cryopreservation technology is to reduce the metabolism of cells, temporarily out of the growth state to better maintain cell characteristics. Even -196℃ ultra-low temperature state, let the cell in a completely dormant state. Through the control of the time axis, the cells in the cryogenic tube are awakened when the cell test is needed to restore their cellular characteristics. When cells are directly frozen without auxiliary conditions, the water in the environment inside and outside the cell will form ice crystals, which will cause mechanical damage to the cell, and even cause a series of problems such as electrolyte increase, osmotic pressure change, dehydration, PH change, protein degeneration, and eventually cause cell death. When choosing the cryogenic tube to make products, we must tighten the lid of the cryogenic tube to prevent water from leaking into the cryogenic tube and causing cell pollution during the recovery of the water bath. In addition, it is necessary to prevent leakage into the cryogenic tube of liquid nitrogen caused by sudden expansion of explosion and damage.

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