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How to choose a good quality “ cryogenic storage tubes ”?

1. First, the material

As we all know, cryogenic storage tubes are mainly used to transport and store tissue or cell samples at low temperature, which is commonly used in biological research and medical fields. Because the cryogenic storage tubes is in direct contact with the sample, we must choose the right material in the first step to avoid the contamination of the sample by the material.

Generally, cryogenic storage tubes are made of non-cytotoxic materials, and the materials commonly used in laboratories are plastic and glass. However, because glass tubes cannot be used in high-speed or ultracentrifuge, plastic tubes are used more often.

There are so many plastic materials, how to choose?

Two words——"polypropylene material"

The chemical and temperature stability of polypropylene is very good; liquid nitrogen gas state environment can withstand low temperature to minus 187℃.

In addition, when choosing medical laboratory consumables, if the requirements for sample safety are relatively high, non-mutagenic raw materials and pyrogen free VID compatible tubes can be selected. And pay attention not to open before use, if it has been opened, it must be sterilized before use!

2. Second, the structure

Cryogenic storage tubes are generally composed of tube caps and tube bodies, which are divided into inner capping and outer capping freezing tubes. If the sample is to be stored in liquid nitrogen gas phase, use internal rotation freezing tubes with silicone pads; if the sample is to be stored in a mechanical device, such as a refrigerator, an external rotary freezer is used, usually without a silicone pad.

In general, the low temperature resistance of the internal rotation cryopreservation tube is better than that of the external rotation, and it is still selected according to the actual needs.

3. Third, the specifications

According to the experimental requirements, the cryogenic storage tubes are generally 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 2.0ml, 5ml and other specifications.

The commonly used biological sample cryogenic storage tubes are generally 2ml in size. It should be noted that the volume of the sample cannot exceed two-thirds of the volume of the cryogenic storage tubes, so the appropriate cryogenic storage tubes should be selected according to the size of the frozen sample

In addition, the cryogenic storage tube types also include: double layer and no double layer type, standing and non-standing, domestic and imported and the difference in price. These are all factors to consider when choosing a cryogenic storage tube.

MDHC cryogenic storage tubes series include SBS 3-code-in-one cryogenic storage tubes, universal cryogenic storage tubes. The tube body is made of medical grade low-temperature resistant polypropylene PP, in line with USP CLASS-6 standards, and the tube cover is made of high-density polyethylene HDPE. SBS bottom preset two-dimensional code and clear code, 100% legible. It is tolerant to -196℃—-121℃, and safe storage under liquid nitrogen gas safe conditions.


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