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How to Ensure the Quality of Pipette Tips?

1. The importance of choosing the correct pipette tip

With the wide variety of pipette tips available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right tip from a right pipette tips supplier for your application. Not only must you choose the right tip for your pipette, but you must also determine the tip type and quality. The quality of the pipette tips you choose is critical. No matter how good your pipette is, without the right pipette tips, you will not be able to achieve the desired results. Pipette tips may vary by manufacturer. This can be done simply by confirming that they meet all your requirements and that your pipettes are installed correctly. It is worth taking the time to choose the right tip as it will save you money and guarantee the highest level of accuracy.

2. How to choose the correct pipette tip?

Material: Highest quality virgin polypropylene is used to manufacture premium pipette tips. Be aware that typical components in blue and yellow chips, such as plastics and metals, may contaminate the sample. When choosing a filter element, make sure that the filter is made of polyethylene and does not contain any additives such as cellulose.

Molding Design: The machines used for injection molding make the tips while the quality of the polypropylene injected into the mold and the mold design affect the outcome of the pipette tips.

No Contamination: Make sure you only buy tips that are verified to be free of ATP, DNA, pyrogens, RNase, DNase and other potentially harmful substances. This is even more critical if you are doing delicate microbiological testing. These tips avoid cross-contamination by isolating the pipette from aerosols that would otherwise enter the pipette.

Compatibility: Some pipette tips will not work with your pipette. Make sure the tip you are considering will fit your pipette before purchasing. The tip should grab and hold with little to no force, so you shouldn't be applying any force. Most pipette tip manufacturers provide a compatibility table so you can choose the best tip. However, most recommendations should apply to almost all widely used pipette brands worldwide.

Low Retention Tips: Low retention tips have grown in popularity over the past few years. You can expect to pay more for them. Ensure low retention tips are free of any additional manufacturing processes, such as silicone coating, which could cause leakage of substance from the tip during use.

As a professional medical consumables manufacturer, MDHC is committed to quality and precision. Our pipette tips are manufactured to the strictest industry standards, ensuring reliability and consistency in your pipetting processes. We understand the critical role that accuracy plays in your work, and that's why we provide pipette tips you can depend on.

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