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Precautions for Using Serological Pipette

1. What is Serological Pipette?

A serological pipette is one type of medical laboratory consumables used to transfer a certain volume of solution. The shape is blown into a cylinder in the middle, and the thin neck is above and below the cylinder, the lower neck is pointed, and the upper neck is engraved with a ring scale.

2. Precautions for using a serological pipette

As a preferred serological pipette manufacturer, we provide some essential precautions to keep in mind when using serological pipettes to ensure accurate and reliable results in laboratory experiments.

  • Serological pipette plus serological pipette tips head combination: Choose air displacement serological pipette and standard or wide hole gun head.

  • Technique: Whole blood pipetting technique was used. Reverse pipetting should be used if high accuracy is required.

  • Note: Residual serum is sometimes found on the outer surface of the gun head. Before dispensing, rub the tip against the edge of the container to remove excess liquid from the outside of the tip. The serological pipette should be rinsed with tap water and distilled water immediately after use and placed on the pipette holder. Serological pipette and volumetric flasks are often used in conjunction, so their relative volumes are often calibrated before use. When using a pipette, in order to reduce the measurement error, the required volume of solution should be discharged from the top scale (0 scales) as the starting point each time, instead of sucking as much volume as needed.

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