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Non-sterilized Mricocentrifuge Tube

MDHC microcentrifuge tube is made of high quality polypropylene material, which can withstand 121 °C high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Sterilized Mricocentrifuge Tube Specifications

VolumeItem#DescriptionColorPackage Details
0.6ml006-000-0-00-000Flat Cap Conical Bottom Non-sterileClear500PCS/bag, 2bags/box, 10boxes/carton
006-000-0-00-001Flat Cap Conical Bottom Sterile
1.5ml006-000-0-01-000Flat Cap Conical Bottom Non-sterile
006-000-0-01-001Flat Cap Conical Bottom Sterile
2ml006-000-0-02-000Flat Cap Conical Bottom Non-sterile
006-000-0-02-001Flat Cap Conical Bottom Sterile

Non-sterilized Mricocentrifuge Tube Advantages

  • Guaranteed functionality between -86℃ to 121℃, no distortion.
  • Safety lock to prevent leakage, with molded graduation and frosted writing area.

Non-sterilized Mricocentrifuge Tube Application

Ideal for sample preparation.
Ideal for sample preparation.
Perfect for centrifugation.
Perfect for centrifugation.
Easy for storage.
Easy for storage.
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