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The Application of Cell Culture in Flask and The Use of Cell Culture Vial

1. Application of Cell Culture in Flask in CHO Cell Culture

Cell culture in the flask is a common cell culture consumable, mainly used for the culture of various suspended cells, small capacity bottles can also be used for the preparation or storage of media. This kind of medical laboratory consumables is used in the culture of CHO cells. CHO cell is a transformed cell line, obtained in 1957, that is widely used to express a protein. On CHO cell suspension culture, the first to extend the media (CD CHO) at room temperature, to restore its temperature to room temperature and then transferred to 37 ℃ shaking bed preheating within 30 min, recycle liquid moves the seed cell SAP from cryopreserved tube suck out into the cell culture in a flask containing preheat medium, adding suitable amount of nutrient solution, began to develop. Attention should be paid to aseptic operation in the process of cell recovery, and the speed of lysis of frozen cells must be fast to avoid the formation of ice crystals in the cells of slow heating and damage to the cells. After 2-3 days of culture in the cell culture in a flask, the cell density increases, and nutrients are gradually depleted, so the cells need to be expanded. The expansion volume was calculated according to the cell density. When the number of cells in the reactor was reached, the culture was stopped and inoculated to the reactor for expansion. When the suspension culture of CHO cells is carried out by using the cell culture in a flask, it is generally necessary to shake regularly with the help of the shaker to prevent the accumulation of cells and affect their growth and reproduction. During operation, we should pay attention to sterility to avoid the introduction of bacterial contamination due to improper operation, which will cause adverse effects on cell growth.

2.How to Determine the Cell Growth Curve With The Help of Cell Culture Vial?

Cell growth curve is a common method to determine the absolute growth number of cells and an important index to determine cell viability. It is also one of the basic parameters of the biological characteristics of cultured cells. There are many ways to determine the cell growth curve, and counting by cell culture vial is a common way. The growth curve commonly used method is: in the same specifications of the cell culture in a bottle, inoculated with the same amount of the same generation cells, after training every 24 hours to take out a few bottles of cell counts, to foster the abscissa denotes the time, the number of cells of different time log for bottom coordinates, mark, the straight line at various points for the cell growth curve, namely can reflect the dynamic of cell growth. Using the cell culture vial counting method to determine the cell growth curve can not only understand the basic parameters of biological characteristics of cultured cells, determine the absolute number of cell growth, and judge cell viability, but also can be used to determine the influence of foreign factors such as drugs on cell growth.

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