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The Choice of Pipette Tips and the Reasons for Their Use

1. Why use pipette tips?

Pipette tips and micropipettes are commonly used to transfer precise amounts of liquid from one container to another. When the sample is drawn into the pipette tip, a fine mist or "aerosol" is produced that can enter the pipette. Aerosols can contaminate the next sample even after changing tips. For most applications, carryover is negligible. However, for sensitive applications such as PCR, even the smallest fragments from pipetted samples can be problematic. It would be awkward to clean the pipette after each sample is taken apart. Pipette tips help protect pipettes from sample contamination and protect samples from pipette contamination.

2. How to choose a compatible pipette tip for your pipette?

The manufacture of critical medical equipment, including types of pipette tips, requires a high level of hygiene to minimize the risk of any type of contamination. Furthermore, it is important not to compromise product quality at the expense of maintaining productivity. In today's technology-driven world, highly sophisticated manufacturing machinery is deployed to produce quality pipette tips.

The first characteristic to choose a pipette tip is the polypropylene mix of the tip. Typically, high-quality tips are made of virgin polypropylene material. This polymer contains no metal/plastic additives that could potentially contaminate your samples. For colored nibs in particular, laboratory consumables manufacturers must not use metal additives, as these additives are often added to the dyes used in the coloring process of these nibs.

The second factor to consider when choosing the ideal pipette tip is the quality and type of injection molding machine used in the manufacturing process. Even the slightest changes, such as molding flash or streaks, can negatively impact the accuracy of the research results. Such deviations are often difficult to detect with the naked eye, so it is important not to buy cheap pipette tips on the market as they can completely destroy your scientific results.

Also, when choosing a pipette tip it is important to look at the fit of the pipette. It is always a good idea to buy tips sold by the original manufacturer of the pipette, however, one can always opt for universal fit tips, which are readily available on the market these days. Fit is probably the most important factor when buying, as prompts that don't fit can seriously affect the reliability of your research results, wasting your precious money and time.

MDHC is committed to quality and precision. Our pipette tips are manufactured to the strictest industry standards, ensuring reliability and consistency in your pipetting processes. We understand the critical role that accuracy plays in your work, and that's why we provide pipette tips you can depend on.

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