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What are deep-well plates?


On the basis of the appearance size of ordinary micro well plate (mainly 96, 384-well plates), the deep-well plate keeps the length and width in line with SBS international standards, and increases the depth of the hole, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the volume of each hole. For deep well plate manufacturer, in order to adapt to its specific range of use, on the one hand by changing the manufacturing materials (now more polypropylene (PP), individual polystyrene (PS)), on the other hand by improving the surface treatment process, and then produced into a kind of laboratory board.


1. According to the numbers of wells, the most common ones can be divided into 96-well plate and 384-well plate.

2. According to the types of wells, the 96-well plate can be divided into round-well plate and square-well plate. The 384-well plates are all square-well plates.

3. According to the shape of well bottom, there are two common types: U type and V type.

As a supplier providing quality OEM deep well plate, MDHC currently has types of 2.2ml U bottom plates, 2.2ml V bottom plates , 1.3ml U bottom plates, and 96-well tip combs.

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