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General classification of cryogenic storage tubes and purchasing precautions

Cryogenic storage tubes is also called cryopreservation tube, which is mainly used for the transportation and storage of biological materials at low temperature.

Cryogenic storage tubes are generally used for cryogenic storage of cells in the laboratory. It is commonly used in biological and medical experiments, but it is also used in other industrial experiments such as food.

Classification of cryogenic storage tubes without strict division, the general is divided according to the capacity, according to the need of experiments such as 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml and 1.5 ml and 1.8 ml and 2.0 ml, 4 ml and 5 ml, 7 ml, 10 ml, etc., can also according to the special use points, general tube could not enter the cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen, only can fit into a special material processing. At the same time, there are double-layer and double-layer frozen tubes with silica gel pad and without silica gel pad, etc., as well as colorless and miscellaneous colors and various solid colors. These are designed according to the experimental needs or the experimental convenience of each manufacturer, and there is no strict division.

Purchase should be based on their own needs to see whether the purchase of the frozen storage tube is appropriate. Generally, cryogenic storage tubes cannot enter liquid nitrogen. If you need to enter liquid nitrogen storage, you need to choose sealed low-temperature resistant special frozen tubes, and you need to recognize whether the purchased frozen tubes are sterile. If the experimental requirements are higher, you need to buy sterile and non-DNA, RNA cryogenic storage tubes. In addition, if it is newly bought and not opened outside, it can be used directly. If it has been opened outside, it is high pressure.

We can buy cryogenic storage tubes according to their own conditions. The domestic cryogenic storage tubes are good in quality and low in price, which can fully meet the needs of various biological consumables. MDHC cryogenic storage tubes series include SBS 3-code-in-one cryogenic storage tubes, universal cryogenic storage tubes. The tube body is made of medical grade low-temperature resistant polypropylene PP, in line with USP CLASS-6 standards, and the tube cover is made of high-density polyethylene HDPE. SBS bottom preset two-dimensional code and clear code, 100% legible. It is tolerant to -196℃—-121℃, and safe storage under liquid nitrogen gas safe conditions.

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