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What Are Pipette Tips?

A pipette is a simple but critical scientific instrument used in laboratories around the world to precisely transfer quantitative liquid volumes from one container to another. Today, pipettes come in many forms, from simple plastic tubes to sophisticated electronic instruments. No matter what type of pipette you may have seen in your lab, the pipette tip is a ubiquitous component in all pipettes, a simple plastic molded disposable device head. In other words, a pipette without a pipette tip would be useless!

1. Introduction of pipette tips

As life science consumables, pipette tips are essential to any scientific laboratory for a variety of life science, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and molecular biology applications. Given their different applications in various fields of research, regulatory agencies around the world have established certain quality standards for quality assurance purposes. For example, suppliers of pipettes and compatible tips must comply with the ISO 8655 standard in addition to providing basic information about the proper use of the equipment. Additionally, any type of biological work requires proper sterilization of the tips. In some studies, filters were added inside the tips to minimize aerosol contamination of the pipette lumen and reduce the volume of liquid retained on the tip surface.

2. What are the advantages of pipette tips?

Pipette tips are disposable, autoclavable accessories for aspirating and dispensing liquids with pipettes. Many laboratories use micropipettes. Research/diagnostic laboratories can use pipette tips to dispense liquids into well plates for PCR assays. Microbiological laboratories that test industrial products can also use micropipette tips to dispense their test products, such as paints and caulks. Each tip can hold microliter volumes ranging from 0.01 μL all the way up to 5 mL. Pipette tips are made of molded plastic and are transparent for easy viewing of contents.

Liquid handling is an essential part of laboratory experiments. While this is a painless process when working with large numbers of samples, it can become a challenge when analyzing micro-volume samples. This is where pipette tips come in handy. Pipette tips make liquid sample handling easier and more accurate, offering high precision and precision, ease of use, and sterility that saves time and efficiency.

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