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Principle and Advantage of Microcentrifuge Tube

1. What is A Centrifuge Test Tube?

Centrifuge test tube is a tubular sample container, which can be sealed or capped. It is the use of centrifugal technology to produce strong centrifugal force when the object rotates at high speed so that the suspended particles placed in the rotating body can settle or float so that some particles can achieve the purpose of concentration or separation from other particles.

2. The Principle of Microcentrifuge Tube and Its Advantages

The low adsorption microcentrifuge Tube has a very good seal, which can provide safety for the daily operation of the experimental personnel, especially in the need of heating experiments. In order to meet the standard of medical laboratory consumables, higher experimental requirements can be applied. If cap and poor coordination between the Centrifuge Test Tube, un-tight seal, is easy to cause the Centrifuge Test Tube spill, leak, corrosion centrifuge, affect the service life and for containing volatile components of a liquid, volatile organic compounds were also easy to cause loss, the influence of each component content in Centrifuge Test Tube, then appeared deviation caused by the result of the experiment. Therefore, there should be good sealing between the tube cover and the Centrifuge Test Tube. A low adsorption microcentrifuge Tube is a small Centrifuge Test Tube, which needs to be used together with a microcentrifuge, mainly for the separation of micro reagents. In modern laboratories, a low adsorption microcentrifuge Tube is a kind of popular and widely used consumable material. Because of the limitations and effects of smaller and smaller samples, it is important to reduce and minimize the negative effects of using conventional Centrifuge Test Tube. The low adsorption microcentrifuge Tube is a special centrifuge tube that can be used to optimize the requirements of sample analysis and ensure maximum sample recovery. Because the sample concentration is small, it is necessary to reduce the sample loss for subsequent analysis.

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